A Japanese Case for Law Enforcement on RMT

Chinese student arrested after making 150 million yen selling items for online RPG.

It’s intriguing in that gold-farming connection of RMT transactions with other cheap-labor nations is one of important aspects in every regions which have emerging culture of online gaming including Korea.

Some Korean game experts have been saying that the it is possible to lessen intensive gold-farmings by reference to related laws of many kinds.

In above case, the violation of the Immigration Control and Refugee Recognition Law is put to use. To my opinion, the arrested might be a sort of brokers connected to gold-farming shops in his homeland considering the volume of his transactions. Last year, Korean Policy Agency announced that some Korean RMT brokers were arrested for illegal transactions of foreign currency.

Having an inevitable nature of crossing borders, online gamings often clashes with rules of real worlds. What if transactions happen in FTA or common market area?

also posted at gamestudy.org

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