MMORPG players can pay with blood

We have all heard about real-money trade of virtual property — but how about paying in real blood for your virtual stuff? Players of the Chinese MMORPG Cabal bleed half a litre to get their banned accounts back.

Thanks to Lassi 😉


4 thoughts on “MMORPG players can pay with blood

  1. Hyun-pi means that Player Killing in real world. It’s the feud (sometimes with blood?)among MMOG players resulted from troubles in online world.

    Additionally, a few year ago, local Mafia members went into game company for retrieving their accounts suspended or compensating their in-game currency for trading frauds.

    From time to time, Virtual world calls real fist and blood!

  2. This is the third news story I’ve see about this on varoius sites, but yet, when I try and look into the story I can find neither a *reputable* source of information about it from the company itself (nothing on it’s english press releases) or though any English written media.

    Though I’d be happy to be wrong (indeed, it makes for a great story) I’ve read a few to many “internet rumours” over the years not to discount the possibility of a hoax story.

  3. David, I blogged this as a comical relief without attempting to verify the sources in any way. I take your point that this may amount to perpetuating an internet rumour.

    anarinsk, PK in RL is a scary thought! But it shows how despite the name, a “virtual world” is a medium/place/field that exists very clearly in this world.

  4. Re: Evidence, my Chinese colleague Jiaping checked some discussions on this, and it seems to have happened. There was a mistake in the English language reports though: the location was not Nanjing (the city) but Nanjing Road, Shanghai.

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