In-game RMT platform receives USD 6.5 M in venture funding

PlaySpan is a company offering a transaction platform for MMO publishers that wish to integrate microtransactions and real-money trading into their products. Now they say they’ve secured USD 6.5 M in venture funding. Worlds In Motion has the story.

According the PlaySpan website, one of their key features is “Stay-In-Game: Easy to use SDKs and APIs that integrate quickly to any game server and provides a secured in-game experience”. They say they already have deals with publishers having a total playerbase of 10 million. Can’t agree with the way they’re using a 6th grader as a figurehead though.


Teen world Gaia Online appoints economic advisors

Chatting in Gaia Online CNET reports that Gaia Interactive has appointed Michael Boskin as the chairman of a new “Council of Economic Advisors” for Gaia Online, a sprite based virtual world slash community site aimed at a teenage audience. Boskin is a highly accomplished economist, being a professor of economics at Stanford University and a senior fellow at Hoover Institution. In practice, it sounds like actual work will be carried out by Stanford economics doctoral student Saar Golde, the second member of the council. A third member remains to be named.

The CNET article also discusses reasons why a company operating a virtual economy might want to bring economists on board. They could provide advice on maintaining a stable virtual economy or ideas on how to increase revenues from it. Or, as professor Boskin himself notes, they could simply be good PR.

At the same time, Slashdot has an interview of Dr. Eyjólfur “Eyjo” Guðmundsson, the new EVE Online lead economist. Dr. Eyjo is starting to publish quarterly economic reports that are actually aimed at the player base instead of the developers. Average player age in EVE Online is about 27 years and gameplay can be complex. By providing economic information to player corporations, CCP hopes to deepen the game experience further.

Attached are some screenshots from Gaia Online and a mugshot of prof. Boskin.