RMT platforms and currency sellers post here

Unsanctioned RMT trading platforms and currency sellers: please post all your news in this thread instead of leaving comments elsewhere on the site.

I am allowing this thread because I believe news and announcements directly from RMT traders and gold sellers can be useful to VERN’s readers. Simple advertisements with no added information value may be deleted.


2 thoughts on “RMT platforms and currency sellers post here

  1. On November 11, I’m launching a phenomenal new MMO marketplace, PlayerAuctions (www.playerauctions.com) where Gamers looking to enhance their gameplay and escape the tedious grind of leveling up can dominate in-game with better prices on gold and other MMO game assets. PlayerAuctions.com is the most secure marketplace to buy and sell MMO game assets – with a number of safety precautions in place to make the process full proof and traders happy.

    To celebrate the launch, PlayerAuctions is offering a free Papa John’s pizza for every buyer that completes three purchases by December 31st, and will waive all commission fees for any seller’s first five completed game currency orders.

    Anyway, check it out and let me know what you think.

  2. The site tracks popular and lesser known MMO currencies using the prices from several gold selling websites. Each game has a graph that shows the average price of the currency from the last 365 days. Individual server and faction graphs are available and site updates daily.


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