Virtual Goods News Launched

Virtual World News has now launched a sub-site on news concerning virtual goods, covering issues in a more targeted scope. This is a well reasoned developement as the amount of emerging information is quite huge. Virtual assets sales is also one of the primary topics here at VERN and forms a well grounded, independent perspective to virtual worlds.

" Launches: The Business of Microtransactions, V Goods, Gifts and Items"

"2009 is right around the corner and with it come additions to our family of products. We’re pleased to announce the launch of Virtual Goods News, a new blog focused focused on the business of microtransactions, virtual goods, items and gifts. Virtual Goods News coverage spans virtual worlds, games and social networks. You may see the occasional crosspost here. We’re so bullish on virtual goods in fact that we will include a dedicated Virtual Goods track at the upcoming Engage! Expo in NYC in March (more very soon). Also, we are expanding our freelance editorial team – recession be damned."

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