Benjamin Duranske's final post at VERN: joining Pillsbury's virtual law practice


Dear VERN readers,

I am pleased to announce that I have accepted a position with
Pillsbury, a global law firm with San Francisco roots and a high-tech history dating all the way back to cutting-edge 1880s telegraph cases. I’ll be helping establish and build Pillsbury’s new virtual worlds and video games practice. Returning to practice with a large law firm means that I’ll be somewhat less free to comment on virtual law issues than I was while self-employed. As such, this is my final post at VERN.

I will, however, continue writing articles on issues in virtual law; some will be available via Pillsbury’s publications directory, and others will appear in mainstream and industry publications. I have already co-authored an analysis of the implications of China’s new virtual items tax rules that might be of interest to VERN’s readers.

For more details, please see my final post at Virtually Blind.

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