Plot user growth over multiple years

Wondering if any one has any stats on the growth of an IP over mutliple years.. We see a ton of stats showing Title X reached 1 million users in the first week, or that Title Y has 100 million users after 5 years but I’d be keen to see how the growth rate changes in relation to time as well as relation to in game population.

Obviously if Title X maintained that growth they would be at 52 million users in the first year which I can’t see happening as a rule so I assume the growth rate begins to slow.

The same goes for the virality of a product, something will reach a critical mass when enough people are talking about it that it spurs growth.. Just curious about these two topics if anyone has done the research and tracked the numbers

Actually the latest Universe chart from Kzero contains a lot of intermittent quarter by quarter pop numbers in it that indicates, surprisingly enough that a lot of mature titles maintain consistent growth rates even at the 30+ million player count

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