Ratio of Total subscribers compared to MAU or even DAU

Companies are so eager to tout total subscribers but I don’t think I’m alone when I say that number is fairly useless when it really comes down to it.

What we really need to know is the MAU at the very least and then the DAU to top it all off.. I have a few examples but I’d love to hear more if anyone has any.

Runes of Magic for example has a 20% rate of active users. When they had 3 million registered accounts they were reporting roughly 600k active. Altough I’d really love to know when they say 600,000 active users if they are talking about DAU’s or MAU’s. I have to assume it is MAU just to give them the opportunity to use the biggest numbers possible

WeeWorld: When they had 26 Million registered accounts they were reporting 1 million active

Fantage: Now Fantage says that they have 3.3 million unique visitors per month and 7.7 registered accounts. A few sources have foolishly taken it upon themselves to report Fantage with 3.3 Million MAU’s based on this unique visitor count. Which isn’t the case as we have no idea how many of that 3.3 are actual members or people just passing through

PCCU = Peak Concurrent Users

Gaia online: When they reported 15 million registered accounts they had about 64,000 PCCU. The PCCU rate is about 5-10% of the Active User rate(as juddged by Runes of Magic having 600k active and 30k PCCU). So that would put them at about 800,000 active users

Dark Orbit: 35 million users and 80,000 PCCU or about 1.2 million Active users.

Obviously this active user rate is going to consistently go down the older the game is and the more registrations they accumulate so time needs to be included in the calculations. With an average industry churn rate of 33% that shouldn’t be too hard to do though.

I would just love to have a framework in place where we can easily look at these numbers being spit forward by companies about how many users they have, take a look at how long they’ve been in business, and quickly translate their total reg’ed users into something we can actually use in our business models like MAU and eventually DAU

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