Virtual Worlds for Kids: new issue at Journal of Virtual Worlds Research

Journal of Virtual Worlds Research has published it’s issue on the booming teen/tween/children’s virtual world market. The articles are also listed below.

Meanwhile, the Researchers’ Toolbox issue has been split into two parts. My co-authored paper on data collection methods will apparently be published in the second part, which is supposed to come out this month.

The journal suffered from delays in the publication schedule last year as it underwent an editorial transition. But I’d like to thank the outgoing editor, Jeremiah Spence, for his contributions, and wish success to the incoming editor, Yesha Sivan.

The editorial team for this issue includes:

Sun Sun Lim, National University of Singapore

Lynn Schofield Clark, University of Denver, USA

Editor′s Corner

Virtual worlds as a site of convergence for children’s play
Sun Sun Lim, Lynn Schofield Clark.

Peer Reviewed Research Papers

Beyond Being There: A Grounded Investigation of the Value of Virtual Worlds for Remote Family Interaction
Lizzy Bleumers, An Jacobs

Virtual Epidemics as Learning Laboratories in Virtual Worlds
Yasmin B. Kafai, Nina H. Fefferman

Who’s Watching Your Kids? Safety and Surveillance in Virtual Worlds for Children
Eric M. Meyers, Lisa P. Nathan, Kristene Unsworth

Making Sense of the Virtual World for Young Children: Estonian Pre-School Teachers’ Experiences and Perceptions
Andra Siibak, Kristi Vinter

A Framework for Children’s Participatory Practices in Virtual Worlds
Terhi Tuukkanen, Ahmer Iqbal, Marja Kankaanranta

Research-in-brief Papers

Penguin Life: A Case Study of One Tween’s Experiences inside Club Penguin
Diana Burley

Virtual Junk Food Playgrounds in Europe: Advergames in the UK and Hungary
Arhlene A. Flowers, Katalin Lustyik, Emese Gulyás

Think Piece

Growing Up with Neopets: A Personal Case-Study
Stephanie Louise Lu

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