Seminar on gamification and virtual economy

Date & time: April 25th | 10:00 – 17:00
Place: Arkadiankatu 28 – Class 4 – 3rd floor – Aalto School of Economics

Helsinki Institute for Information Technology HIIT with cooperation with Aalto Service Factory ASF is organizing a seminar on “Gamification” of services on 25th of April at the premises of Aalto School of Economics.

The seminar approaches the phenomena of Gamification from different inter-related perspectives: playfulness, game design, virtual economics and service marketing. The sessions will seek answers to questions such as how Gamification can be understood in the context of service marketing and what can explain its effectiveness as well as give in-depth insights into designing persuasive game mechanics for both Facebook games and more utilitarian services. We will also take a look into virtual economies, goods and currencies.

The seminar has a limited number of seats.

Morning session (10-12)

  • Kai Huotari (HIIT/Berkeley/Hanken School of Economics): “Gamification from The Perspective of Service Marketing”
  • Juho Hamari (HIIT/Aalto School of Economics) – “Gamification and Behavioral Economics”
  • Konrad Markus (HIIT) – “Saving is Fun! – EnergyLife, a Conservation Game in Households”

12:00 Lunch

Industry insights (13-15)

  • Aki Järvinen (Digital Chocolate): “Game design in Facebook games”
  • Marjoriikka Ylisiurua (Sulake): “TBA”
  • Juho Makkonen – (Avoin interactive Ltd / Kassi) – “Badges in peer-to-peer trading service”

Evening session (15-17)

  • Kai Kuikkaniemi (HIIT/Aalto School of Arts, Design and Architecture) – “Playification”
  • Pekka Räsänen / Matti Näsi (University of Turku): “User acquisition and positive user experiences. What implications can be drawn from population surveys?”
  • Vili Lehdonvirta (HIIT/London School of Economics): “Designing virtual currency for serious and playful purposes”

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