Webcast videos and slides – Seminar on quantitative research in virtual economies

UPDATE: The webcast videos & seminar presentation slides are now available. See the end of this post.

The Monday, 2nd June seminar on quantitative research in virtual economies will be available as a webcast. We’ll also make the videos available afterwards. The programme is available here. Note that we’re starting 9:45 AM Finnish time, which is GMT + 3 during the summer. Visit this site to figure out the correct time.

Webcast details

Go to http://videosilta6.it.helsinki.fi/

name: your name
Conference ID: 3123
PIN: leave empty

The conference ID will be usable on Monday morning.

This post will be updated with the link for the videos.

UPDATE: Webcast videos

The webcast videos in .rm format:

The same in .mov format:

The *a.* files contain the morning session, and the *b.* files the afternoon session. And yes, I’m aware the camera is lousy and the person speaking is not visible all the time.

UPDATE: Presentation slides

The missing links will be made available as soon as possible.

Dr. Eyjólfur Guðmundsson, Lead Economist, CCP Games: “Virtual worlds as platforms for economic and social interaction”

Jyri Partanen, Sulake: “Modeling an online game economy”

Tuukka Lehtiniemi, Researcher, HIIT: “Virtual economies and economics – two-way contribution?”

Dr. Pekka Räsänen, University of Turku: “How do virtual identities and virtual properties challenge conventional survey methodology?”

Antti Ukkonen, Researcher, HIIT: “From hypothesis testing to hypothesis formation: data mining in virtual worlds”